Thanks to Olya Meyers Photography for this photo. 

Thanks to Olya Meyers Photography for this photo. 

SOULFUL photographer living in Hudson Valley, NY.  ALSO FOUND shooting weddings, couples, and families in Colorado + Ohio. Available and happy to travel worldwide.

About Abby

Hello, friend. I'm so glad you're here. 

I believe that there is beauty everywhere.

I believe in deep connection and authentic imagery.

I believe that even in darkness and struggle, there is beauty to be found.

I believe that everyone has a light within…and my hope is to find it, explore it, and capture it.

My heart is most alive when I’m able to connect and witness the authentic beauty and truth inside another person. The word photography means “to draw with light”.  In my mind, there are many elements to creating a beautiful photograph: light, subject, perspective, authenticity, humanity, emotion, and most of all, the real connection between people.

My desire in my work (and life) is to foster deep and meaningful connection. Relationships are the most valuable gift in my life and I want to celebrate those meaningful relationships in yours. I hope you'll see that in my images - the soulful connections between a couple, the way a mother looks into her child's eyes, the way a community comes around two people to celebrate and honor their love. 

When you stop for a moment and see the incredible gift you have in the people that surround you, I hope you're heart will swell with gratitude and joy.

And I hope you'll get in touch so I can capture your beautiful connections -so that you'll continue to be astonished for the rest of your days. 



Elopement + Intimate Weddings begin at $1800

Weddings begin at $3200

Family Sessions may vary. The average session begins at $650